Solds Property Auctions operates online auctions which cover a range of property and associated assets.

At present Solds operate;

Live Auctions – Giving you the ability to view streamed auctions online and bid on properties
Online auctions – Ongoing auction of properties with facility to bid or make offer on
Lease Option Auctions – Giving investors opportunity to acquire rights on option agreements
Rent to Rent Auctions –Auction of leased properties with bidding on assignable contracts
Commercial Auctions – Auction of retail, industrial and office space

Solds Property Auctions gives vendors both the speed of sale and security of completion that cannot be achieved when using traditional channels. When putting their property on the market – vendors often find that the home can remain unsold for a long period of time and that even if a sale is achieved it can fall through due to difficulties around financing or a change in the prospective buyer’s personal circumstance.
With Solds all properties are sold through our secure online methodology – which ensures the best market price is achieved and that contracts are concluded quickly.


The ability to choose not to pay a selling fee and therefore a risk free way to market your property. This can save you £1000s on estate agency fees.

You can put your property into auction at a time that suits you and withdraw it if circumstances change.

Using Solds online property auctions makes your property visible to a wider audience – including buyers from out with your locality.

All of our online auctions are live 24 hours a day / 7 days per week. In addition to giving buyers the opportunity to make an offer on your property this method also means that prospective buyers do not need to attend a live event at a fixed time – providing them with flexibility and convenience unavailable from traditional auctions.

We can market your property immediately – making prospective buyers aware that a property that may be of interest to them is about to come to market.

Your property is listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and many other major property portals to attract the biggest audience possible of both home seekers and investor buyers.

We pro-actively market to our buyer database of investors and property buyers

Access to a wide range of properties where the seller is looking to achieve a quick sale. This saves you time and money safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with motivated sellers.

You can register on our pre auction lists – giving you early sight of each property due to come to market and the facility to make a pre-auction offer.

Online auction terms give you the time to put finance in place if required – with up to 59 days to complete the purchase.

Online bidding affords you the time to do appropriate due diligence.

Solds online property auctions give you the added convenience of not having to attend a live auction event – meaning you can bid from home or work rather than attending an auction at a fixed time and location.