Below market value UK property

Soldsure gives investors the opportunity to acquire high yield discounted properties sourced and qualified by a network of professional property experts. Whether you are looking to trade property or build a sustainable buy to let business – Soldsure gives you the advantage of being able to exclusively purchase property that is not yet on the market.

These investment opportunities give you sight homes that are being sold by motivated sellers who may have acquired or inherited a property that they wish to sell quickly.

Before being made available to the open market our network funnel these opportunities to Soldsure registered investors, giving them an opportunity to select property that fits into their portfolio.
All properties are qualified for suitability and a profile of discount compared to average property prices in the area and the expected annual rental yield from each property is prepared prior to presenting the property to our investors.

Discounted Properties
We work with property traders and sourcers from around the UK to provide our investor database with discounted property opportunities – whether you are buying to refurbish and sell on the open market or to hold as a long term investment Soldsure gives you access to massively discounted pre-qualified homes.

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