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Soldsure is the UK’s fastest growing network of  agents, property brokers, traders and sourcers.

At Soldsure we want to work with motivated people and develop the brightest minds in the industry. Whether you are an experienced estate agent or if you have always wanted to get involved in the property business we want to talk to you.

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Reasons to join the Soldsure network:

Control and retain the 100% profit from your deals

Being part of the Soldsure network empowers you to build your own property business in your area. You keep 100% of your earned commission and you have the back up of an established property marketing machine

Be fully compliant and meet legal requirements

Property professionals must by law be part of a property redress scheme and additionally have appropriate indemnity insurance and registrations with regulatory authorities. With Soldsure you are a fully insured and compliant.

Website and online marketing

Tailored website presence focused on your local area – combined with long term search engine optimisation and social media traffic. Online web traffic is the highest converting lead source and dominating your area for relevant keyword terms will drive your business, combined with targeted social media you can drive new leads and opportunities.

Documentation, agreements and sales support

With Soldsure you have all the ready to go agreements that you need to ensure that you can immediately offer your clients a solution and have to hand the appropriate documentation to secure an instruction. The Soldsure team administer your packaged deals and our online system allows you to upload and watch the progress of each case.

Free training advice and networking

Working as part of the UK’s brightest property network gives you access to the best advice and training from those who have successfully sold, brokered, sourced and marketed property. In addition your network will expand and connect you to fellow professional property professionals.

With Soldsure you can offer those who are looking to sell their property a number of ways to maximise the price they achieve and to reduce the time they sell their property from months or down to days.
As part of the network you also have the ability to make an offer to buy any property same day, giving you a huge advantage over estate agents and other property buyers, as part of the Soldsure team you know that any property that you bid on has an investor with cash ready funds, giving you and the vendor the certainty of a quick sale.

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